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Let’s Meet where East Meets West!

Conference venue: Hotel Novotel Istanbul. Click here for location on Google Maps.

Hotel Reservations

  • Special conference rate at Novotel is 115 Euros nightly for a single room and 130 Euros for double occupancy.
  • At Ibis Hotel (sister hotel right next door), the special rate is 85 Euros nightly for single and 93 Euros for double.
  • These rates include breakfast, Internet, and all taxes. (Parking is free for hotel guests and about 4 Euros daily for everybody else.)
  • Reservations at these rates are only possible with full payment, which can be canceled with 30% penalty until August 31. (No refunds after August 31.)
  • Hotel payment can only be made by credit card. Please use the below link to reserve+pay for the hotel. (Note that we have no choice but charge you for the 2% credit card commission. Also, since the amounts are converted back and forth between Euros and Turkish Liras, your total cost may be slightly different from the above rates plus 2%.)
  • These rates were available until October 4th.

Transportation to the Conference Venue and within the City

  • If you are staying at a different hotel, obviously the easiest way to come to the conference venue is taking a taxi. Assuming you are at most 30 km away, your one-way taxi cost would be at most 30 Euros. If you are that far, it may take you up to 90 minutes to get to Novotel in the morning. In any case, allow at least half hour. Istanbul rush-hours can get pretty bad.
  • If you want to take public transportation (each ride is about 1 Euro), the most convenient is the Metro system. Click on the metro maps at the previous link a few times to get to views that can be zoomed in. You may buy tickets or passes at every metro station. You may take lines M1 or T1 to get to Zeytinburnu downtown. (Both of them are every 5-10 minutes.) Then take a taxi from there, which should cost about 5 Euros (worst case 8 Euros). Agree on the price with the driver before you hop in. They will point you to the meter in the taxi but still have him agree before you hop in. I have to warn you, finding an available taxi during rush hours may be quite difficult.
  • If you insist you will come to Novotel with public transport all the way, then somehow get to Eminönü (near Sirkeci, around this location by the peers). You may use the Metro to get there (again M1 or T1 lines). From Eminönü you have to take a public transport “bus”. Either number BN1 or BN2. They stop right in front of the hotel. BN1 runs every 6 minutes and takes about half hour to get to Novotel. BN2 runs every 10 minutes and takes an extra 5-10 minutes to get there. You may not buy tickets at every bus-stop but you should be able to buy tickets near Eminönü bus-stops.
  • All public bus lines that stop in front of Novotel (taken from here):
  • If you are staying at Novotel, they offer FREE SHUTTLEs to the city center 6 times a day, which is within a perimeter of 11 to 14 km. (Ibis charges 1 Euro each way. Taxi costs about 15 Euros each way.) You are recommended to make a reservation before hand.
  • For taxi rates within Istanbul including between Novotel/Ibis and the airports, use Numbeo.
  • If you prefer to prepay with credit card and be picked up instead of taking a taxi, please visit our Airport Transfers page, which is also linked from our main page.

For questions, send email to ilsu atsign

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